Deep, deep within ourselves there is "space" an unchanging background or source, the Self if you like, and if we tap that, penetrate that, merge into that, we are free—really free—creative and powerful people. Now I do not pretend to be fully established in the timeless wisdom of the Self, but like some of you, I have been immersed in such beauty, such stillness, such grace, such inner peace, such immense and infinite ecstasy and because of the ongoing and deepening experience, how I use my mind and engage others has become increasingly skillful and hopefully, useful.

I really don’t know what more to write in a section of a website called "Meet Sean," except that it has taken me twenty fruitful years of teaching and coaching to translate some of the teachings I have been blessed to receive into a form that is accessible to people drawn to balanced living, folks seeking inspired performance and inner peace. I have served over 750+ individuals and organizations from many different walks of life, so give me a call or email to set a time to discuss the “timeless wisdom at work” approach presented on our site.

Look forward to meeting you.

Working with Sean has dynamically changed how I perceive my team, their needs... especially my style of relating in complex and sometimes difficult conversations.”
Carey Bruton
Fashion Director