Mudwresting With My Mind

Mudwrestling With My Mind

by Sean Casey LeClaire
Format: Softcover
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Entrenched behaviors, outdated beliefs, and unconscious habits of attention can generate endless sludge in our immediate surroundings. Mud-Wrestling with My Mind, a collection of spiritual insights told through stories and poems, reveals strategies for overcoming the resulting confusion and attaining clarity and deepened awareness in order to love and serve in the world. Step inside no matter how muddy your shoes are.

"A shot of adrenaline, a wake-up call, a strong loving hand steady at your back."

– Jay W. Vogt
Author of Recharge Your Team

"Be prepared for a takedown: the grace is in the mud."

– Reverend Austin Fleming
Pastor, Holy Family Church
Concord, Massachusetts

"MUD is a thought-provoking work that gets to the heart of what it is to be truly human."

– Alan Main
President, Bayer Medical Care

"A clear and compelling vision of the magnificent beings we men could be, and occasionally are. This book is sacred text."

– Thomas Yeomans, PhD
Director, Concord Institute

Mudwresting With My Mind

Hug An Angry Man

by Sean Casey LeClaire
Format: Softcover
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Hug an Angry Man and You Will See He Is Crying is a gritty road trip of healing and transformation. This rare glimpse into a man's heart reveals how God writes straight with a crooked path—a step out the door for individuals seeking more joy and intimacy in life.

"Here is mind's soulful inwardness given lyrical expression—a compelling story of a life-long search for meaning, and for honorable, caring human connection."

– Robert Coles, M.D.
Pulitzer Prize Winner
James Agee Professor of Ethics
Harvard University

"These raw and incisive stories and poems are the path of one man's journey in search of his soul. For the hurt and angry men our there this book is a must read."

– Alma Lee
Artist Director
Vancouver International Writer's Festival

"Hug an Angry Man . . . is a compilation of profound and insightful stories, life experiences and poems that are at once heart-warming and heart-wrenching. It is a book that begs of you to look within yourself and welcome whatever you should find. This book is stirring and evocative!"

– Karter Kane Reed
Maximum Security Prison
MCI Shirley

The executive team experienced a truly remarkable turn around, which can be tracked to Sean's strength as a coach/facilitator and his purpose in action.”
Alan Main
Bayer Medical Care