“The so called soft stuff like wisdom-at-work, is the hard stuff.  Making decisions informed by deeper purpose, not just changing  objectives and strategies.  And, I’ve learned how to manage my  strong energies in relationships because of the work I’ve done with Sean, and his team.”

Robert Fowler – Chairman
The Arnold Fund 

“Sean’s compassion, encouragement, and intellectual rigor help me find my writer’s voice on a creative project dear to my heart.”

Larry Peltz – M.D.
Addiction Psychiatrist

“Working with Sean dynamically changed how I perceive my team, their needs,  especially my approach to relating in sometimes complex and difficult conversations.  Sean’s 4Cs Flexible Leadership tool is truly transformative.”

Carey Bruton – Fashion Director

“Sean is one of the most authentic people I know. He listens, challenges, is a wonderful sounding board, and he deeply understands human behavior, and team dynamics. My leadership teams flourish under his coaching, and support.”

Alan Main – African Leadership Academy
Life Science Executive


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