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Our coaching approach has grown organically during the last twenty years. We have learned as much from our clients as they have from us, maybe more. As well as drawing from sacred texts and daily practice, the timeless wisdom methodologies reflect the learning gained from such rich and robust conversation and right action. We have worked successfully with corporate leaders, scientists, small-cap business owners, coaches and consultants-individuals drawn to a deeper dimensionality of being-people who understand the power of timeless wisdom.

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Hurry is the enemy of efficiency. Like all seven practices slowing down is a doorway which the client enters using three primary principles, provocative inquiry, right action, and simple, tested exercises. To engage timeless wisdom we must first slow down. Whether working with an individual coaching client or team coaching, slowing down the busy, thus inefficient mind is the first task of timeless wisdom coaching. In addition, the circle around the seven-pointed symbol represents repetition, which is the mother of skill. Many people spend more time each day brushing their teeth than learning how to manage their attention, thus be able to use their beautiful mind effectively. We think that is foolish, but do appreciate clean teeth.


Being with what is while it is the way it is, is not an easy way to live, or more accurately we can say when you do accept what happens, everything is so easy, and truly amazing, that life is very different, quite joyful, or at very least neutral and non-reactive. A vital question to keep asking throughout the day is, "What is my relationship with the present moment?" People who resist what happens are temporarily insane. Acceptance is the answer to all our problems. Everyone who successfully deals with addiction knows that. Action initiated from awareness, from the timeless wisdom of the Self, is right action. Do we want to be leaders leading from right action, or mere ego?


28% of Americans over 35 years old use some kind of sleeping pill to rest through the night, because their minds remain so active they cannot sleep. The average American takes less than five days vacation a year, and does not really rest. In our country it is considered normal to be available to others 24/7. The norm is rarely natural. Rest and renew is about self care that taps creative inspiration and a deeper dimension of your being. A timeless pause without flat screens that refreshes... we have learned many creative ways from our clients, who have been courageous enough to bring rest and renew to their lives, into their organizations. Timing and preference is up to each individual but they must lean into being alone in solitude... fishing in Northern Canada, pilgrimage walks, river-walking, cabin in woods, wandering old cities of Europe, an afternoon at the forge in your garage, meditation retreat, some clients started with one morning a per week of verbal silence, or walks at lunch.


Our minds distort, mistaking imagination and the filter of memory for fact, constantly. This is the root of our problems with identity, engagement, alignment and relationship. But the body knows, it does not lie — and we must re-learn how to accurately interpret its language and intelligence. Body-Centered Breaks including Lean Back, Head Rest, Legs and Feet are drawn from inner martial arts, yoga, and the wonderful creativity of clients who have been doing BCBs daily for the last seven years. A body-centered break is done wherever you are, whenever you want for two minutes, no more, just two minutes in order to slow down your mind, and connect to deep bodily intelligence. Five BCBs a day for 90 days will ground you in your body and begin to create the experience of felt cognition which illuminates. Consistently, our clients share that BCB practice refreshes and allows them to manage their energy much more effectively throughout the day.


Done selflessly, to serve someone clarifies the mind and purifies the heart. We have the saints of all traditions as exemplars of such service. In addition, our beloved Bhagavad Gita and the profound novel "Journey to the East" by the German author Hermann Hesse provide an eloquent and deep understanding and guide for servant leadership, and the dire need to develop such leaders — women and men who can focus on action, not the fruit of action. SCL is dedicated to such work, and will engage anyone interested to learn how to truly serve, albeit imperfectly, as we bump along here also. A question we often begin a coaching conversation with around serve someone is, "When do you receive service with no strings attached?"


What do you stand for? What difference do you want to a make in the world? When you know your purpose nothing can dampen the light and power inside you. It has taken time and much testing but we have developed an effective protocol for personal, team and organizational purpose discovery. Normally the articulation has such depth a person and/or leadership team no longer require our services, once their purpose has fully landed. We are proud of that. Purpose is innate, unassailable, spoken in three to seven words, has a tone of service, is aligned with values, and informs and directs everything. Every extraordinary organization is directed by purpose. A person without purpose is like brand without an essence. Every one has a life purpose, and tapping its power is a key timeless wisdom practice.


The mind by its nature becomes what it concentrates on, so when we say deepen awareness we mean it in particular way. Not only "awareness" as in observing the ever-changing content of your mind, but more the space and the silence inside, from where the content arises... the background, or what is called the timeless wisdom of the Self. One client, a high-powered executive described clearly on a recent coaching call, how being in awareness shifted her perception while on a drive. "Everything was different, alive, so beautifully alive, the air, trees, the bushes, the way river curved, and the land, everything... even the interior of the car, like I had never really seen anything before...is this what deepening awareness is?" "Yes, like that," I said.

Timeless wisdom coaching wakes people up.

The executive team experienced a truly remarkable turn around, which can be tracked to Sean's strength as a coach/facilitator and his purpose in action.”
Alan Main
Bayer Medical Care