Most people assume our new brand name SCL and tagline "timeless wisdom at work" are about me. SCL are my initials and folks who know me know that my life is dedicated to enhancing human capacity based on the principles and practices of timeless wisdom. But SCL stands for: serve, collaborate and love. Like most of you, we do it imperfectly, but never has there been a time when all of us must tap the inner timeless wisdom of the Self. You’d have to be completely deaf, dumb and blind not to see what is coming. The people I work with, like our clients demonstrate an uncommon interest in service, collaboration and love. Like I told a client recently, SCL/timeless wisdom at work is about tapping the wisdom within each of us. It’s all we’re actually here to do, and be. The saints and sages from every tradition we have researched say the same thing about the purpose of a human life, to wake up. In dark times, light a candle, and be the light you are. Check out our team member bios to get a better sense of who works with SCL. We are happy to support you to realize and achieve your desired outcome.

The executive team experienced a truly remarkable turn around, which can be tracked to Sean's strength as a coach/facilitator and his purpose in action.”
Alan Main
Bayer Medical Care